The 5 Guys You WIll Cry Over Before You Find The One

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To all of the girls who find the good guy before shuffling through these ones, you're the real MVP.

1. The guy who was never a good idea

This is the guy who was probably all of your "firsts". In the past, you may have described him as a smooth, convincing adventure. (You may have also described him as a manipulative liar.) This is the one person who was able to give you the escape you had always dreamt of. He took you to places you had never been before, planted seeds in your head about the trips you would never take together. You probably thought you loved him, and you were probably shattered when it was over.

Now, looking back you'll see that he was just the one you needed to get out of your system.

2. The guy you really thought was the one

This guy had the whole package. He had the job, the family, the passion. You could have intelligent conversations for hours about topics you wouldn't normally think about. Everything you did together was sophisticated. Your friends asked where you found him and your mom begged to meet him. The sex was mediocre, but you were willing to settle if it meant you got the white picket fence house with him sitting inside, reading the New York Times and sipping a cappuccino he made with your overpriced home coffee machine.

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but looking back, you'll never really understand what went wrong.

3. The almost boyfriend

This is the guy who probably started as a rebound. He was mysteriously charming, wildly attractive, and pretty damn funny. Always beaming with bright energy, he was constantly introducing you to new people and helping you test your own boundaries. You probably pretended to REALLY like something to appease him - a new sport? Marvel? That Korean place on 3rd? This was the guy who you really couldn't get enough of, but he sort of had enough of you. Just when you thought it was the next best thing, it was over.

Weird smells like burnt coffee or pine needles will make you remember the guy who was almost something more.

4. The one your mom warned you about

This was the guy who seemed too good to be true. He was the one you were always weirdly defending for no reason, the one who you found yourself exaggerating about to your friends. He was fine, great really, but there was always something a bit off about the way he did things. Maybe he forgot to call, or called too much. Maybe he didn't talk about his family or never wanted to snuggle your dog. No matter what it was, it was something you told your mom about. Something she told you mattered more than you thought.

With this guy, you learned to trust your gut feeling. You learned that people show their true colors when you're least expecting it, and you sure as hell better pay attention.

5. The missed connection

Maybe he was a friend. Maybe he was a co-worker or a guy you met once but he already had a girlfriend. He could have been your tutor or the guy you always ordered from at the coffee shop. No matter who he was, you'll never understand why he was someone to you. You'll never quite get why you were upset the day you realized he was gone and you'll still think of him on that random Monday afternoon when someone says his name. To him, it may have never been anything. He may not even remember who you are. But for you, you can't seem to shake the feeling that you could have had something really awesome.

This is the person who taught you to take chances. Because of this heartbreak, you'll be more fearless with your love.