Sugar Loaf Hikers Find Mel Gibson At The Peak

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Thrill-seekers run into Mel Gibson while hiking up the Sugar Loaf in Ireland.

While traveling in Ireland, one may have a bucketlist of sorts.

  1. Drink some Guinness
  2. Hike Sugarloaf Mountain
  3. Meet a gorgeous Irish man like in P.S. I Love You

A few days ago, three hikers were ready to check off #2 on their list: Hike Sugarloaf Mountain. You see, Sugarloaf Mountain is located in Dublin and is pretty widely-known as an excellent way to experience the great outdoors in Ireland. The mountain is a peak in Wicklow and is not an easy feat. Though it only stands at 1,644 feet, the mountain is composed of steep hills and some rather daunting terrain.

Upon arriving at the top of the peak, hikers Heather Fogarty, Michael O'Connor and Shane Gallagher were doing a bit of yoga when a bearded man caught their eye. After a double-take, they all realized that the bearded fellow was Mel Gibson himself!


Of course, Gibson was smiling ear-to-ear and more than happy to snap a shot for instagram for the threesome.

If you're wondering why Mel Gibson was at the top of a mountain in Ireland, worry not! We have your answer: Mel is filming The Professor and the Madman and has been spotted quite frequently around the city over the past month or so. His costars Sean Penn and Matt the Thresher have also been seen out roaming the Irish streets.

So, there you have it. Another reason to get off your bum and get active this weekend! Go for a hike, do some yoga, do anything! If not for your own personal benefit, do it for the possibility of running into Braveheart himself. It'll be worth it, we swear.