SNL Mocks GNO In The Best Way Possible

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Saturday Night Live

Saturday's comedy skit had everyone saying "me last night."

This past Saturday, our favorite women from Saturday Night Live came together for a skit that legit made us ROFL.

We all know that the media portrays Halloween as girls dressing up as cute woodland creatures or Harley Quinn and attending the Halloween party of the century. SNL wanted to make one thing very clear: there is much more to this spooky reality than perfectly-drawn mouse whiskers.

Saturday Night Live

If you're a twenty-something millennial whose constant struggle with #adulting is a very prominent aspect of your life, you'll find this skit near and dear to your heart. For the rest of you ladies who seemingly have your sh-t together, you're the real MVP!

In the skit titled, A Girl's Halloween, the story chronicles three girls getting ready for the night of their lives. Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant act as a group of girls ready to make Halloween 2016 their bitch. They're dressed adorably, taking selfies, talking to each other how ridiculously perfect their night is going to be.

Scenes switching back and forth between the future and present, the three girls are shown pre-party and post-party, documenting the harsh reality that is Halloween.

Saturday Night Live

One girl even claims she isn't going to drink tonight and then proceeds to get kicked out of a pizza joint later on. They girls, drunk, yelling and obviously hungry for pizza are the ultimate representation of what really happens on Girl's Night Out.

Check out the video below and let us know which part YOU thought was the most hilarious.

Saturday Night Live

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