This Grey's Anatomy Photoshoot Is Totally McDreamy

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Take a look to see how a Canadian photographer made the love of Grey's Anatomy come to life!

1. A love story for the books:

The couple in the photos both work in the medical field. Mansour suggested that they do the shoot at the hospital where they work, immediately ideating around a Grey's Anatomy theme. To add to the romance, this hospital is also where the couple first met.

2. An entirely new McSteamy debuts:

3. Falling in love in a pair of scrubs:

4. The end result: entirely magical!

If you ask us, there's nothing better than a great dose of love and Grey's Anatomy. This photographer certainly has our number!

5. Behind the photographer:

Ned Mansour is a photographer out of Canada who loves to find creative ways to display love and affection. A graduate of Concordia University, Mansour has a degree in Fine Arts and almost two decades of experience in the digital space. A full time photographer, Ned thinks of his style as creative, unique and fun. His company, Beautifoto, is based in Montreal and are ready to travel worldwide to take snapshots of your special day.

... Did you really think we'd let you off that easy? Here are some of the perfect moments we are sure inspired Mansour.