My Relationship With Tacos As Told By One Direction

one direction, taco


1. This is me when Chipotle is out of carnitas.

2. This is me talking to a friend who doesn't like tacos.

3. This is me talking with the chef at the taco truck.

4. I am Harry and the girl is cilantro lime rice.

5. This is me referring to Taco Bell's Supreme Taco Party Pack.

6. This is me talking to the beans that fall out of the back of the taco.

7. This is me referring to any moment those pink onions are on my taco

8. This is me talking face-to-face with Taco Tuesday.

9. This is me after I buy the jumbo pack of tortillas at Costco.

10. This is me talking to my chicken soft taco from Del Taco's value menu.

11. This is me when anyone judges me for ordering a 5th at Cabo Cantina.

12. This is me talking about 2AM room service hard-shell ground beef.

13. This is me talking to a taco whose tortilla has accidentally split open.

14. This is me talking to my bottle of Tapatio every night.

15. This is me searching the farmer's market for the barbacoa stand.

16. This is me trying to choose my toppings at Qdoba.

17. This is me when the guac is no charge.