Looks Like Kim's Back For Cash

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The celebrity returns to social media with a simple #ad.

Mega-famous Kim Kardashian West has been totally dark on social media since she was robbed at gunpoint early last month in Paris.

The selfie queen is used to documenting her life on social media. She's constantly posting photos of her outfits, snaps of what she's doing or who she's hanging out with, and interacting with her fans on platforms like Twitter. Since the horrific robbery took place, the only interaction her fans have seen is when she unfollowed 14 people on Twitter two weeks ago.

Today, Kim shocked the world by posting on her verified Facebook account. The image was of Kim leaning back in a chair playing on her phone covered in a LuMee iPhone case. The simple caption read: "Downtime #LumeeCollab" and linked to the LuMee page.


Since the post this morning, the photo has been removed from Kardashian West's page and is nowhere to be found. She did not post the ad on her other social accounts, so we are assuming that this was a contractual obligation. We know that Kim is rumored to make extremely large lump sums of cash for her ads on social media, so maybe she was just missing the dough?

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The world may never know.

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