Kylie Jenner Gets X-Tina's Dirrty Praise

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Too dirty to clean my act up.

Each year, every Kardashian loves to go above and beyond for their Halloween costumes. This year, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie stole the show; however, it's Kylie's costume that is getting the most attention.

Although the 19-year-old was only a child when the music video for Christina Aguilera's Dirrty came out, Kylie Jenner had a master plan to perfect the Xtina costume for Halloween 2016. Complete with a red-striped bikini top, chaps, and booty shorts marked with an "X," Kylie didn't miss a single detail.


Her blonde extensions channeled Xtina's intertwined black braids and she even wore contacts to change her eye color to match the iconic singer's. When it comes to the nose and lip piercings, Kylie used stick on jewels because her dedication did not include adding some seriously painful new holes to her body.


A social media maven and makeup expert, Kylie shared the entire transformation with her fans on Snapchat and instagram. She wanted to show them that with a little extra time and creativity, they too could kill the costume game.

Clearly proud of her outfit choice, Kylie couldn't help but share several photos of the final result to her instagram before she attended a Halloween party at Bootsey Bellows in Hollywood.


After the epic reveal, everyone was wondering the same question: what did the REAL Xtina think of the costume? Did the Grammy-winning star approve?

Your answer: she absolutely loved it. She even took to instagram to prove that she was 100% in favor of Kylie's Dirrty get-up.


So, there you have it. Kylie has won Halloween this year with glowing approval from her original inspiration.

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