Hillary Proves She's Queen Bee By Claiming Jay-Z

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LA Times

Bey's leading man is standing #WithHer.

When it comes to voting season, fans and celebrities alike are all wondering the same thing: who is siding with who?

The king to our favorite queen bee, Jay-Z, has officially chosen a side. Buzzfeed News was first to report that Jay-Z has signed on to headline a get-out-the-vote concert in Cleveland. The event, which will take place sometime in the next few weeks, is aimed at encouraging the young black community to exercise their right to vote.


Clearly choosing a democratic stance, Jay-Z is partnering with the Hillary Clinton administration to put on an event that will hopefully excite young voters about voting for Clinton.

If you remember correctly, Jay-Z has performed for presidential nominees in the past. In 2012, he played alongside Bruce Springsteen in Columbus, Ohio to ignite his support for Obama's reelection.


Commonly outspoken about his political views, Jay-Z has brought up issues, specifically police violence, that he has very strong feelings about.

This will not be the first time in this election that Jay-Z and Beyonce endorse Clinton. Previously, the couple announced their preferred candidate during the Philadelphia Music Festival on Labor Day. Together, the two of them hope to get the rest of the nation (specifically the black community) excited about having Hillary Clinton as the next U.S. president. Along with several other performers, these two are working tirelessly to preach that EVERY VOTE MATTERS.

Be smart, get educated, and get out there and vote!