IT GIRL SPOTLIGHT: Emily Henderson

emily henderson

Because she's basically everything goals.

Every night, we all lay in bed scrolling through instagram for our latest muse. Lucky for you, all of us here at are collecting our favorite inspirations and giving you IT GIRL SPOTLIGHT so you can be certain you're not missing out on anyone or anything.

Today's IT GIRL SPOTLIGHT is Emily Henderson. You may know her from instagram as @em_henderson OR you may have read her New York Times Best-Seller, STYLED. She's a TV personality, blog-writer, and daily inspiration for every girl you know. Take a peek below to see a handful of reasons we can't get enough of Em.

First, she gives us some serious #MomGoals.


I mean, come on. In this shot, she poses with her perfectly adorable daughter and shows us exactly how we wish to wake up as a mama. She's decked out in this fall's most adorable autumn dress from ShopDen (red is totally her color) and her little bebe looks seriously cute in her own tiny frock.

To make the snap even greater, she's sitting on the bed that frequently makes an appearance on her account. The marbly-ocean vibes make us want to stay in that room for hours.

She also reminds us why snuggle weather is so fun! 🐻 🐻 🐻


In this gram, Emily is showing us a little peek of her collab with Target and inspiring us to completely redo our homes so we too can master the 'Cozy California Fall' vibe. Fuzzy pillows, woven blankets and funky wall art give us so many reasons to go to Home Goods this weekend am I right?

She tells us that working out is 1. important and 2. actually fun.


It's understood that working out is good for your body/makes you live longer and all that jazz but sometimes it's seriously hard to work up the motivation to get out and sweat. We've all felt this feeling she had: completely dead but also SO ALIVE. You work your a$$ off for an hour and want to quit the entire time but once that :30 timer is counting down you have turned into some sort of queen and you feel liberated. This post reminded us how insanely awesome that feeling is and inspired us to choose a run over a Netflix marathon.

She admits that it's totally cool to have no chill over celebs.


Okay, none of us want to be the girl screaming over the celebrity spotting in public but everyone secretly wants the selfie. Most times, we get a good glance and then just text some friends to brag about the sighting of a famous person in the wild and then we regret not selling our soul to the devil and asking for a quick snap. Like all things, there is a place and a time and Emily shows us that the airplane is TOTALLY the place and time to tell Jojo how much you want to be her BFF.

She shows that she only has it together 95% of the time.


Okay, okay she probably has issues just like the rest of us but we are going to go out on a limb and say that only 5% of her life isn't sheer perfection. Among this 5% are moments when her baby likes to make her own work of art out of meaty marinara. Like many mothers, 11 weeks ago Emily experienced what it feels like when your spawn decides to be an animal.

Finally, we love how she shows her love.


While she doesn't post about her personal life every day, it's always a special treat when we get a glimpse of the people she adores the most. In this snap, her hubby giggles along with her brood and the only emotion you can possibly feel is literal joy. When you're done admiring this papa bear and his cubs, you'll notice that she dressed her baby in a panda onesie, making her that much cooler.