How To Grow Your Hair Longer

Those Sugarbear gummies aren't the only key to luscious locks!

Everyone has been there... you think it's a great idea to chop your hair off and then suddenly you actually do it, and you're petrified. While your new 'do looks totally chic, you still suffer from PTSD and every day you miss your locks a little more.

Follow these five steps to get your tresses back!

1. Don't shampoo every time you shower

Shampoo can strip your strands of essential natural oils they need to grow.

2. Apply an oil mask weekly

This gives your hair the little TLC it really needs to get moving.

3. Skip the bleach

Bleaching your hair can cause it to be damaged and have brittle ends, making the growth process even longer.

4. Only brush your hair when it's dry

Brushing your hair when it's wet can result in you ripping through your locks and causing more damage than good. Wait until your hair is dry to comb those tresses.

5. Always use hair protecting spray before styling

Blow-drying, curling and straightening your hair are all things that should be limited when you're trying to grow your hair out. If you must, always use protecting spray before you style to make sure you're minimizing the damage done.

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