How To Be The Ultimate House Guest Hostess

Lauren Conrad

The foolproof guide to being the perfect hostess.

Deep Clean That Sh*t

When it comes to cleaning, hit all of the places you usually clean and then go back and think of the places that have been recently neglected. (baseboards, refrigerator, cabinets) This is the perfect time for you to deep clean your entire home with a great reason.

Gather Goodie Baskets For Your Guests

When you think about what they'll need, think about what YOU need when you're staying away from home. Leave a clean towel, a toothbrush (new, packaged), a washcloth, toiletries, etc. You want to make it so that they have everything they need right at their fingertips!

Write Down Tips/Instructions For The Home

These can include but are not limited to: - Wi-Fi password - instructions for home alarm system - local activities nearby - remote control instructions

Leave Important Items That They Will Need

The most important thing you need to leave is a house key! You don't want your guest to be limited to accessing your home only when you are around. Let them know that they can feel comfortable by offering them a spare key for their stay.

In addition, provide them with any codes they will need to get inside. These can include garage codes and house alarm codes.

Tidy Up Their Sleeping Space

Wherever they are sleeping, make sure that it is nice and tidy for them. Provide two pillows, sheets, and an extra blanket in case your guest gets cold.

Fill The Home WIth Their Favorite Things

Since you know this person well enough to let them sleep in your home, go out of your way to snag something special from the grocery store that you know they like. Choose their favorite coffee or a snack you know they enjoy!

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