Harry Styles Wears A Choker, Sends Directioners Into Frenzy

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In his first solo magazine cover since the split of One Direction, Harry Styles shows fans another side of him.

Harry Styles will never be just "Another Man."

This week, Harry Styles taunted his 18.7MM instagram followers by posting three completely blank, white squares. Proving that the boybander can really do no wrong, the three white squares collectively received over 2.1MM double taps. 😱 (side note: maybe we should all start posting blank instagrams to bring up our collective likes? no?) 24 hours later, Harry shared three brand new photos with the curious nation.


In Photo #1, Harry has his old hair back again! Taking Directioners back to the On The Road Again tour, Harry donned his beachy, shaggy Fabio hair. To make things more interesting, he's wearing a rather thick choker necklace, red blazer (is it fleece?) and is making the kind of face you make when someone wakes you up at 8am on a Sunday.


In Photo #2, Harry takes us back in time with his choppy mullet and knit sweater. While one may think that a mullet ruins a man, this photo proves otherwise. We're not sure if it's the dimple or the mid-chew open-mouthed smirk that gets us, but it's decided that he still looks delicious.


The third and final installment shows what Harry would have looked like had he played the lead in Almost Famous. Donning a fuzzy coat, choker necklace (dog collar?) and his new Dunkirk do, Harry looks like he's ready for a wild adventure he may or may not remember in the morning.

While Harry is known for keeping us in the dark, he's given everyone the gift of anticipation. According to his captions, the issue will be available on September 29th (THIS THURSDAY). So, ladies, get your Scotch tape ready, because these glamour shots are absolutely making it onto your bedroom wall collage.

Countdown starts now.