Fall 2016 TV Comedies You Won't Want To Miss


We know there's a huge selection, and we're here to show you which ones to skip and which ones you'll be bingeing in no time.

1. The Good Place | NBC


When it comes on: Mondays at 10pm on NBC

Kristen Bell stuns as a woman who has died and ended up in "the good place" (heaven) and must hide her Earth-born selfishness to keep herself out of "the bad place" (hell).

A completely outlandish topic proves difficult for your average talent, but not for this crew. Bell works alongside Ted Danson to create a total masterpiece with the brilliant humor of Mike Schur (The Office, Parks and Recreation). Similar to his past pieces, this show is jam-packed with jokes you'll laugh to tears over.

2. Atlanta | FX


When it comes on: Tuesdays at 10pm on FX

Donald Glover (you know him from Community) stars in this never-been-done-before comedy taking place in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose behind the project is to share a little smidgen of Atlanta's reality with the seemingly naive weekly audience.

Written purposely by an all-black team of writers, these immensely talented individuals trade stories and write finalized pieces based on previous conversations in real life. Atlanta is one hundred percent original, tasteful and undeniably intimate. This show is truly one of a kind and will change the way you think about Atlanta.

3. Insecure | HBO


When it comes on: Sunday October 9 | 10:30pm on HBO

After kicking some serious ass in The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae was at the top of the talent list when it comes to television. For months, we've been anticipating her HBO debut and it's FINALLY here. (Really, it is streaming on HBO Go right now)

Rae worked with Larry wilmore to create this edgy comedy about being a minority in today's day and age. Rae's job - inner-city youth outreach - leaves her in a constant flood of white people who just don't get it.

With the help of her best friend, Molly (Yvonne Orji), Rae develops and learns to appreciate herself exactly the way she is. She does this by rapping at herself in the mirror, opening up to loved ones, and challenging herself one day at a time.

Without a doubt, Insecure, directed by the fabulous Melina Matsoukas, is nothing short of spectacular.

4. Better Things | FX


When it comes on: Thursdays on FX

Since it premiered September 8th, you've already got two episodes to catch up on with this wildly hilarious new comedy. From the creator of Louie, Pamela Adlon, comes this new intensely emotional debut surrounding a single mother and her three daughters. The mother, Sam, also happens to be pursuing an acting career.

Seemingly unoriginal, the writers of Better Things have done a phenomenal job of taking a hand-me-down idea and turning it into something wonderful. With a large dose of quirky humor, Adlon has created the perfect show to remind you all of the emotions you feel during parenthood.

5. Fleabag | Amazon Original


When it comes on: Streaming on Amazon

Previously aired in the UK, this six-episode pilot season has everyone laughing for days.

In the comedy, Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays a witty, dark woman who is trying to look at the glass half-full in the wake of several deaths in her life. Struggling to move on like those around her, Waller-Bridge's character often lives in a miserable state, grasping for a glimpse of sunlight.

With this dark of a story, it may seem difficult to bring the audience to laugh but worry not! This team has done a superb job masking the depressing reality with perfect humor.

6. Speechless | ABC


When it comes on: Wednesdays at 8:30pm on ABC

While the idea of a family sitcom is nothing new, Speechless miraculously turns the concept into an original work of art. With a hint of "Keeping Up With The Jones'", the show kicks off with the family upgrading to a fancier neighborhood that has more technology for their son who lives with cerebral palsy.

Minnie Driver stuns as the Queen Bee of the Dimeo family, acting as a mom who is 100% focused on providing her son with the best of the best that life has to offer.

Former Friends producer, Scott Silveri, writes from the heart and has tasteful comedy peppered throughout the show derived from his own experiences growing up with a brother who also had cerebral palsy.

This new comedy is fantastically hilarious and will have the DiMeos moving into your heart in no time.

7. One Mississippi | Amazon Original


When it comes on: Streaming on Amazon

In this witty new sitcom, Tig Notaro plays herself returning to her hometown in Mississippi for her mother's funeral. Upon return, she is pushed to repair relationships with her brother and stepfather for the better of the family.

Emotional and deeply felt, this show pushes all the right buttons without losing sight of the original purpose of comedy. Surrounded by an immensely-talented cast, Notaro has created something that critics will be beaming about all season long.

The Good Place | NBC

Atlanta | FX

Insecure | HBO

Better Things | FX

Fleabag | Amazon Original

Speechless | ABC

One Mississippi | Amazon Original