Emma Watson Hides Free Books On Train


When in London...

If you live in London or are planning on traveling there soon, be sure to keep your eye out while taking the public transit.

As reported by TIME, Emma Watson has been hiding up to 100 paperback copies of Maya Angelou's Mom & Me & Mom on the London tube.

An outspoken feminism ambassador, U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and decorated actress, Watson has started a feminist book club called "My Shared Shelf." For November, the read is Angelou's autobiography. Watson has partnered with Books on the Underground which is a project that drops free books around London.

Watson was originally given up by posting her secret antics on her instagram yesterday. In the photo, Emma stands at the bottom of a London escalator, grasping a few copies of the Maya Angelou book and holding one finger in front of her mouth as if she is saying "shh!"


For the lucky bookfinders, their copy contains a handwritten message from Emma herself. Instagram users are posting pictures of Emma's letters using the hashtag #booksontheunderground and #oursharedshelf.


This book is the seventh autobiography Emma has chosen in her series. On the website, Emma explains that, "Vivian Baxter [Angelou's mother] cuts a fiercely unapologetic figure, imperfect but admirable, and we discover not just how she had a hand in Angelou's evolution as a black woman but also in her feminist perspective, her independence and self-awareness, all of which contributed to her unique way of looking at the world and the way she expressed herself on the page."

Will you, too, be joining Watson this month?

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