Emma Stone Is Still Our Girl Crush

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Emma Stone joins Vogue for 73 random questions.

As if we need another reason to love Emma Stone, she has now shown us a new quirky side to herself in her Vogue 73 Questions interview.

In the 9-minute video, a reporter visits Emma Stone's house in Los Angeles to learn a little bit more about her personal life.

In the interview, Emma wears an adorable sweater, jeans (her favorite clothing item), and even puts a bright yellow raincoat on her Golden Retriever. Throughout the video, Emma is asked a variety of questions like, "What's your favorite part of living in Los Angeles" and "What Ryan Gosling is like in real life." Later in the clip, she's asked to do an impression and she stuns audiences worldwide with her almost-perfect impression of the ultimate pop princess, Britney Spears.

By no surprise, she's equal parts hilarious, witty and adorable with her answers. See the clip below and let us know what answer made you laugh the hardest!