Dr. Avery Has WORDS For Those Of You Choosing Not To Vote

Los Angeles Time

If you're not voting because you don't like Hillz or Trump, Jesse Williams has something to say to you.

"This is not about the White House, this is about your house."

If you're a doctor on Grey's Anatomy, you've got some serious influence on the young generations. Jesse Williams is using his personal influence to help encourage voters to exercise their right to vote.

In a PSA posted by super PAC Save The Day on YouTube, Dr. Avery himself preaches the importance of every single American casting their vote. This election is particularly important to Williams because, with the two candidates, several Americans are choosing not to vote at all. Since they do not like either candidate, their argument is that their vote won't matter. Jesse Williams is stressing every viewer to fight this idea and to encourage everyone around them to vote no matter what.

When speaking of those Americans who are choosing not to vote, Williams said: "Someone says, โ€˜I was making a statement by not voting,' and then you say, โ€˜Well I can't hear it.'" He then uses the remainder of the video to remind the audience of the tireless work it took to get you that right to vote.

Watch the video here:

"Democracy is not a sham, it's a job, it's our job, and it took too god-damn long to get it to just let it slide." - Jesse Williams

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