Destiny's Child Reunites For The Mannequin Challenge

Celebrities worldwide are connecting over the new #MannequinChallenge.

Each season, the entire internet is entranced by a new viral obsession.

This fall, a new craze is among us known as The Mannequin Challenge.

This challenge, originally originated by Twitter user @pvrity includes groups of people freezing in place while "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background. Similar to other viral obsessions, everyone is putting their own spin on the challenge and some users have used other songs.

Today, everyone's wildest dreams came true when Destiny's Child (Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland) reunited to partake in the brand new challenge. Rowland posted the video of them on her personal instagram account and showed them doing the challenge set to Lauryn Hill's "Every Ghetto, Every City."

Other celebrities are also joining in on the challenge, like Diplo and Young Thug and can be found throughout Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge.

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