Break Out The Hot Sauce, It's National Taco Day


Attn taco fanatics: here's where you can get the most delicious deals for national taco day.


Fall has arrived, we're prepping for Halloween, we're buying expensive trips home for the holidays. October has always been a month full of celebration, and the most delicious day is upon us.

According to the National Taco Day website, Americans ate more than 4.5 BILLION (with a B) tacos in 2015. That means that we consumed around 775 million pounds of taco goods... the equal weight of two Empire State Buildings. Let that sink in.

Fun fact: In Mexico, the word "taco" is synonymous with the English word "sandwich." No matter what your favorite type of taco is, there is absolutely no reason not to go wild today. It's officially the greatest Taco Tuesday of all!

Now, let's take a peek at a few restaurants who are hoping you'll join them to celebrate:

Qdoba: at participating locations, customers who sign up for the Qdoba Rewards loyalty program can receive a free drink or an order of chips and salsa

Taco Bell: Taco Bell will have special greeting cards, but no special promotions

Del Taco: Customers can enjoy three value tacos for $1.29 from 3-11 p.m

Green Leaf's: Spend $5 at a participating Green Leaf location, customers can get one free Baja Street Taco

Chevy's: Customers who finish a 4-pound taco within 30 minutes will be awarded free tacos for one year if they participate at a Clifton or Linden, N.J. location

On the Border: $0.50 mini crispy tacos all day at participating restaurants

Rubio's: Original Fish Taco for $1.75 all day (normally priced at $2.99)

So there you have it. Seven restaurants that want YOU to appreciate tacos as much as they do. Swing by your nearest location today and enjoy one too many tacos today because you deserve it.