Beyonce + Blue Ivy Win Halloween

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This year, Halloween is a family affair.

In the Knowles-Carter household, they wanted to throw it back a few decades for Halloween this year.

Beyonce, a self-proclaimed fan of the band Salt-N-Pepa, wanted to memorialize one of her favorite 80s music videos by dressing up in a group costume that surely put everyone else's to shame.

In the 80s video for "Push It," the duo is decked out in spandex, leather jackets, high-top sneakers and colorful accessories. Bey, Blue and Tina made sure they paid attention to every single detail and looked flawless AF.


In the instagram slideshow that already has thousands of views and comments, the Queen Bee poses alongside her mama and daughter looking SPECTACULAR. The costumes, the poses, the attitude -- it was all spot-on.

Later on, Shawn Holiday and Nikki Nelms posted pics with Beyonce in her vintage get-up at a variety of other Halloween bashes.


If you're a little lost when it comes to the costume, fear not! We've included the original music video below so that you can see where the inspo really came from.

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