Ashley Tisdale Proves She's Still Got Pipes

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Ashley and her hubby team up for the ultimate Paramore cover.

~REWIND~ and take it back to 2008 when it all started. It's impossible to forget our favorite High School Musical diva, Sharpay Evans.

Well, your wish has been granted and she's back -- better than ever.

Ashley Tisdale is now married to Christopher French and is proving to us that they really are the perfect duo. In the video below, Ashley and Christopher start off a new series called 'Music Sessions.' The first session is a cover of Paramore's "Still Into You" and, tbh, it's LITERAL PERFECTION. After introducing Chris, Ashley continues to tell the audience that they chose this song because it's one of "their" songs. swoon

Tisdale and her hubby are sitting in the perfect backyard setting -- her beachy waves and effortlessly-cool look perfectly complimenting his edgy-hipster adorableness. It's disgusting how cute they are, really.

In the video description, Ashley details that this is only the beginning for the two of them. It reads: "Music Sessions is an intimate musical series curated and performed by me. Some of my musician friends will be invited to collaborate and play music in my backyard, in each episode I will join them as we perform a unique rendition of their songs or a cover, which can exclusively be found on my channel."

See the video for yourself and then share it with anyone who misses Sharpay as much as you do!