A New 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer For Your Hump Day

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Netflix has released a new teaser to torture us with.

A few months ago, all of our wildest dreams came true when Netflix announced that they were bringing back your favorite cast for another season of Gilmore Girls.


The revival, which will star original cast members Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, will kick off with a pilot episode titled, 'We're Back." All of your favorite Stars Hollow characters are thrilled to make an appearance in the new season, and Netflix wanted to tease the fans with a peek into what lies ahead.

The clip features a scene of Rory and Logan's early romantic beginning: the jump scene at the Life and Death Brigade party. The cast then continues to tell the audience how amazing the show was, is and will forever be. See for yourself:

The revival will be available to stream on Netflix on November 29th. Until then, you've got some serious binging to do with seasons 1-7 ready to stream at this very moment. Grab your coffee and text your girlfriends because we're about to head back to Stars Hollow ya'll!

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