8 Questions We Need Answered In The Grey's Anatomy Premiere

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Season 12 of Shonda Rhimes' hit ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, ended with several unanswered questions... here's what we're dying to know.

1. Will April and Jackson get back together?


After what was (arguably) the most traumatic birth scene thus far, April gave birth to a healthy baby girl via at-home-kitchen-knife C-section. We're still not sure whether Ben is a hero or knife-happy, but at the end of the day, Miranda was happy so we are happy. The episode ended with Jackson and April cooing over their little bundle of joy and made us feel all sorts of emotions we forgot we had.

Will this be a new step for them? Will they be able to make amends? Will April file another restraining order? sigh #TeamJapril

2. Will Arizona resent her decision to let Callie take Sophia to New York?


After the most frustrating custody battle to ever take place, Arizona remained the angel we've always known her to be. Just to recap: Callie wanted to follow Penny (reminder: the doctor responsible for Derek's death) to New York and wanted to BRING Sophia with her. Even though her relationship with Penny was strangely fleeting, she wanted to uproot her child and move them both across the country for her girlfriend's new job. smh In the end, Arizona won custody (obviously) and then shocked everyone and let Callie take Sophia anyway.

To be perfectly honest, it's a huge bummer because Callie was a fan favorite until Penny came along. Another reminder: that final scene was Callie's (Sarah Ramirez) farewell to Grey's Anatomy. #SOBFEST

Is Arizona going to regret her decision? Will Sophia ever return?

3. Will Meredith and Riggs become an actual thing?


After sassing each other for quite some time, the lust between Riggs and Meredith came to a tipping point. Even though she had a min-relationship with Dr. Sexypants from the other hospital, she ended things because it didn't feel right. Just when we started feeling bad for shipping Alex and Meredith for 2 seasons, Meredith surprised us all by having a quickie in the parking lot with RIGGS. Sure, they're both a little dark and twisty, but who saw that coming?!

Will Meredith and Riggs be a real thing? Will Riggs co-parent Bailey, Zola and Ellis? Will THEY have a post-it wedding?!

4. Will Maggie hate Meredith when she finds out about Riggs?


When we set our Meredith/Riggs/Derek love issues aside, we take a look at an entirely different situation. One sister has a crush on the same man another sister is (secretly) sleeping with. WHY, SHONDA, WHY?! Just to remind you of the awkward confrontation, during Owen and Amelia's wedding, Maggie leaned in to Meredith and whispered, "I think I like him." Meredith practically shit herself when she realized that yes, Maggie was referring to Riggs. Yikes!

Will Maggie find out about the hookup(s)? Will she care? Will Meredith try to hide it?

5. Who is Jo married to?


During a seriously anxiety-filled scene, Jo admits to DeLuca that it's not that she doesn't WANT to get married to Alex, it's that she ALREADY IS MARRIED. Understandably, we were all screaming at the TV, "What?! Who?! When?!" and, to be perfectly honest, we were still sorta pissed at Jo because we want all good things for Alex.

So what will happen next? How will Alex respond? Where is Jo's estranged SPOUSE?!

6. Is DeLuca okay!?


Picture this: you're sort of raging and in a totally stormy mood when you walk in on your significant other half-naked and slurring their words with someone who you consider a total Douchelord. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

If you're Alex Karev, you'll beat the living daylight out of the guy and hope you didn't give him serious head injury (can someone order a CT scan?) or, quite possibly, kill him. The situation ended with Jo screaming and Alex going to town on DeLuca's extremely attractive face. It's quite a shame. In the trailer, we all know that DeLuca got pretty messed up and there is some MAJOR drama involving, you guessed it, Alex's responsibility in the situation.

What is going to happen? Is Alex going to jail? Will DeLuca press charges? Is DeLuca... alive?

7. Will Owen and Amelia last?


We all remember that the majority of the season 12 finale was Amelia deciding whether or not she was making the right decision by marrying Owen. Meredith got rid of her pride and vowed to be Amelia's "person" for the day by letting her know that, no matter what decision she wanted to make, she would have full support. Then, after a rainstorm, a 7-11 slurpee and Amelia changing her mind 4,200 times, they all end up back at the chapel so Owen and his tormented bride can say, "I do."

So, will they last? Will Amelia run again? Will Owen get the life he's always dreamed of having?

8. Will Cristina finally come back?


Wasn't it oddly strange the number of times Cristina was brought up during the episode? I mean, sure, they talk about her sometimes, but this time it was different. It was particularly intriguing when Amelia overhears Owen and Meredith talking about how Cristina may have been the greatest love of his life. tear

What would happen if she DID come back? Would she get along with Amelia? Would Owen be able to set his feelings aside? Would Owen and Cristina go to their special place in the boiling room?



Share your questions in the comments below and tune in tonight to see if we are going to FINALLY get some answers! It has been too long, fellow Grey's addicts. Welcome back to the carousel!