21 Innocent People Who Are Having a Really Rough Day

fail, office, yoga ball

Hit me with your best shot.

1. 1987 Girl’s High Jump Champion

2. When there’s nothing to do on “Survivor”

3. When it’s “Casual Friday” and your boss leaves early

4. When you’ve been trying all damn day but you just can’t get it right


6. This week on "My Cat From Hell"

7. But, like, who actually thought this was a good idea?

8. When your diet controls you

9. Besides the flop, didn’t this look weirdly fun?

10. When you bring Six Flags into your very own backyard

11. Father of the Year.

12. When you’re trying to *play it cool* and this happens

13. When you’re feeling guilty for stealing that cart from Target

14. When you’re just trying to be funny and the result is domestic violence

15. When you’re just thinking about how cute you look and then...

16. When Uncle Jerry lets you do the dangerous shit at the park


18. “I guess I deserved this.”

19. The universe telling you you’ve reached your daily calorie limit

20. When Wii wins

21. When it just seems like everyone is letting you down