14 Times ER Gave You All The Feels

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ER was the top medical drama of the '90s... which of these moments is your #1?

1. The hour that Mark Greene lost his patient during labor and delivery to preeclampsia...

and you just wanted to hug him and tell him that he did good.

2. When Lucy got stabbed.

For a moment, you thought it was fake. You didn't think it could be true.

3. The moment Romano experiences a tragic death.

And you found yourself feeling sad but wondering if maybe the show was better off without him?

4. When Ross saved the little boy in the flood...

and your heart burst into one thousand little beating hearts.

5. The instant the prisoners escaped...

and you were frozen in fear, feeling every emotion you've ever known.

6. When you realized Carol and Doug really did live happily ever after...

and you remembered why you never gave up on your hope for true love.

7. The moment Dr. Benton realized the patient he was treating was Dr. Gant.

And your stomach fell to the core of the earth.

8. The minute you realized Dr. Greene was actually gone.

And what you thought was left of your heart was now gone.

9. The episode where an ambulance explodes... with Dr. Pratt inside.

This moment shook you to the core. #RIP

10. The instant you finally understood that Ray had lost his legs.

And you actually felt your heart breaking for him, but you had to be strong!

11. The episode where Ray Liotta plays a character dying from alcoholism, remembering his life and wishing he'd made better choices...

and you felt so, so sad that he felt this way because it was too late.

12. When Dr. Weaver collapses to the floor after the ER is stricken with a chemical spill...

and you were actually screaming at the TV for someone to save her.

13. When Ray returned to Neela...

and it felt like all bad in the world was finally gone.

14. When Dr. Benton checked Dr. Carter into rehab and you knew their friendship was for life.

Ugh, it really was the ultimate bromance.

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