13 Times Your Sister Taught You Crucial Life Lessons

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Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters, connected by heart. ;)

1. The first time she didn't cover for you, she taught you responsibility.

2. That nights she let you sleep in her bed when your parents were fighting, she taught you how to comfort others.

3. When you were crying over a breakup and she told you to suck in the tears because you ARE better than them, she taught you confidence.

4. The time she made that one special gift for you that made you cry, she taught you that it's the smaller things that matter.

5. When something bad happened in your family and she didn't cry in front of you, she taught you how to be a leader.

6. That time one of your best friends went behind your back, she taught you the art of being protective.

7. When you wanted to settle for less, and she insisted you were so much more, she was teaching you the importance of having pride in yourself.

8. That time she didn't side with you in that one fight, she was teaching you how to own your mistakes.

9. All of those times she gave you financial advice, she was teaching you how to prepare for the future.

10. All of those times you thought everything was falling apart, and she showed you how to keep it together, she was teaching you how to have faith.

11. Every time she's powered through a major change, she was teaching you how to be resilient.

12. When she found out something major about you and didn't say a word, she was teaching you how to be trustworthy.

13. And finally, any time she gave up something she loved so that you could have it, she was teaching you how to be humble.