12 Times Up! Made You Laugh Then Cry

Walt Disney Studios/ Motion Pictures

"Who says we have to grow up?"

1. Meeting Dug made you really happy.

2. But when he had to wear the cone of shame, you suddenly felt so sad.

3. This part made you feel secondhand embarrassment because YOU KNOW there's nothing worse than going door to door.

4. But then this made you really happy because you loved the determination the little guy had.

5. For some reason, Carl and Ellie's mailbox made you really, really happy.

6. And this kiss on the cheek! That made you so cheerful. You forgot you ever had any problems at all.

7. AND THEN THIS. This made you shrivel up, like a forgotten raisin.

8. And this took you into a whole new level of somber thoughts.

9. But this! This made you laugh.


11. This, this right here was the best moment of your life.

12. And finally, this is where the final tear fell. The tear of pure, unadulterated joy.