12 Reasons Alex Is The Only Option For Meredith

Grey's Anatomy Season 13, meredith, alex


1. Because time after time, he has proven his loyalty to Meredith.

2. And he gives the best hugs.

3. And more importantly, he brought Meredith exactly what she needed, when she needed it most.

4. Because, after everything that happened, Meredith still knew who to call.

5. And everyone knows that if anything ever happened to Meredith, he'd be shattered.

6. Because Meredith and Alex are each others' person.

7. And anytime someone screws the other over, they're right there fighting.

8. Because they both have loved and lost.

9. And they know the brutal pain that comes along with it.

10. Because it's true, everybody really does have a secret.

11. But theirs is really no secret at all.

12. And there's nothing, absolutely nothing that will ever change that. (Sorry, Jo)

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