11 Times Justin Bieber Was Your Favorite Zookeeper

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My first love broke my heart for the first time.

1. When this monkey told Justin that he could go and love himself.

2. When he whispered in this fluffball's ear, "you know you love me, I know you care."

3. When this canine was begging, "Love me, love me, SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME."

4. When Justin made this sea lion one less lonely girl.

5. When it was way too late to say sorry.

6. When you knew he wanted to argue all day and make love all night.

7. When he said to this Baluga, "U smile, I smile."

8. When he just wanted somebody to love.

9. When he met this queen under the mistletoe.

10. When he told this dolphin to just keep it quiet, keep it on the hush & what we do keep it just between us,

11. When he told this hamster, "if you spread your wings, you can fly away with me."

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