11 Reactions We All Had To The Grey's Anatomy Premiere

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SPOILER ALERT Here is the emotional roller coaster Shonda sent us on last night at 8pm PT.

1. HORROR: DeLuca's FACE


Okay, we all saw Alex running at DeLuca fist-over-fist but were we wrong to be HORRIFIED when we saw DeLuca's actual injuries? I mean, man, Alex really did a number on the guy! Not to mention, possibly ruined his career and perfect bone structure. It was like a car accident -- we literally couldn't stop staring.

2. ANGER: Alex's poor choices


WHY ALEX? WHY?! While it's frustrating enough that DeLuca was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Alex handled the situation like an 8 year old for the most part.(I mean, the bloody knuckles? Come on.) Throughout the entire ordeal, he was realizing that he had done a horrible thing and everyone else was starting to catch on. Anger. Overload.

3. SADNESS: Jo's hopelessness


The sadness was particularly for Jo. She was upset, got a little too tipsy and then had a friend take her home and when Alex walked in, it looked to be something it definitely wasn't. It's clear that she has a pretty dark past and Alex was not interested in hearing her out. Unfortunately, we don't think this is the first time Jo's had her heart broken.

4. ANXIETY: Meredith's pending decision


So, of course Meredith was the first person Alex admitted his wrongdoings to. In a moment of panic, he begged and pleaded with her not to report him and she agreed. They came up with the most unoriginal plan to tell everyone that he "slipped in the rain" eyeroll Nevertheless, in the end, the doctor's ethics got the best of her and she spilled her guts to the chief. BUT THEN she realized that Alex was a good samaritan after all and had turned himself in.

5. CONFIDENCE: Japril Reunion


Was it just me or were Jackson and April the CUTEST new parents EVER? Okay, okay, the name choice, we get it. Harriet isn't everyone's first choice but Kepner and Avery will have the world's most beautiful child... we are SURE of it. Another thing we are confident in? An official Japril reunion. We think they can definitely put the past behind them and reignite the flame that never went out in the first place.

6. CURIOUSITY: Meredith + Riggs impending doom


Sure, they had some fun together, but wasn't everyone a little curious as to how it would pan out? Riggs seems to simple-minded for Meredith and we don't really think Derek would fully approve. Throughout the episode, Riggs followed her around like a little puppy only to find out in the end that her relationship with Maggie was more important to her than a good shag.



After what seemed like the longest custody battle in history, season 12 ended with a very dramatic scene showing Arizona allowing Callie to take Sophia after SHE won the custody battle. So, the real confusion started when Arizona was legitimately nowhere to be seen. Didn't DeLuca live with her for a bit? Wasn't she worried?

8. FRUSTRATION: Maggie's quick judgement


Most of the frustration for us was at Maggie. While it's widely known that she is naive and doesn't always think before she acts, it was super frustrating when she scolded Meredith for not telling anyone that it was Alex WHEN SHE HAD JUST TOLD BAILEY. CHIEF BAILEY. So, Maggie, you need to turn your pretty little self around and apologize.

9. ACTUAL PAIN: Dr. Karev in handcuffs


No matter what happened, watching Alex get escorted out of Grey Sloan Memorial was PAINFUL. After all he has been through, his character developing from the angry asshole to Meredith's sweet best friend and Jo's hopelessly romantic partner -- it was difficult!! To make things worse, we could FEEL the pain in Meredith's heart as he stared at her from inside of the patrol car. #SobOverload

10. HAPPINESS: Meredith + Alex's best-friendship


While it may seem strange that any of us felt a glimmer of joy during that episode, you have to admit that you were happy when Meredith went to visit Alex in jail at the end. Their bond can warm THE coldest heart, I tell you.

11. HOPE: Alex's future


Sure, Alex did a horrible thing. He acted during a very low moment in his life and now he will have to pay one way or another. This DOES NOT mean that it will be okay for Shonda to write him off of the show. We are hopeful that DeLuca cooperates and is able to find forgiveness (or another form of redemption other than jail time). Obviously domestic violence is nothing to take lightly, but we are really cheering for Alex's revival!

SUMMARY: Basically every single face emoji from the new iOS10 update


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