Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Wizard of Oz?

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Notable for its innovative use of Technicolor and fantastical characters, The Wizard of Oz has become one of America's greatest icons in cinema and pop culture. How well do you remember Dorothy's journey along the Yellow brick road with her dog Toto? Take this quiz and find out!


Your friend's quiz result: You scored 100%. You Made It Over The Rainbow! Congratulations! You've made it to the Land of Oz!

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you really remember the Judy Garland movie, The Wizard of Oz, from 1939.

 Feb 25, 2016
1 of 10Choose one:
the wizard of oz, movies/tv
The Scarecrow wants wants a ______, the Tin Woodman desires a ______, and the Cowardly Lion needs ______
brain, heart, courage
feelings, brains, love
heart, home, the nerve
2 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Dorothy's house lands on and kills the _________
Wicked Witch of the East
Wicked Witch of the West
Glenda The Evilest Witch
3 of 10Choose one:
My pretty
4 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Who are these guys?
Oompa Loompas
The Lollipop Guild
Lullaby League
5 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Dorothy lives on a farm with her ___________
sister and Aunt Em
Mama and Pipaw
Aunt Em and Uncle Henry
6 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Dorothy and Toto get into trouble with the ruthless neighbor who rides a bicycle named, ________
Ms Em Gale
Miss Almira Gulch
Wicked Witch of the West
7 of 10Choose one:
Judy Garland
Lena Horne
Elizabeth Taylor
8 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Dorothy and her traveling companions fall asleep on the way to the Emerald City because __________
they all run out of energy when they try to sprint to the city
The Wicked Witch puts Sleepy Time in their milk
the Wicked Witch surrounds them with hundreds of poppies
9 of 10Choose one:
wizard of oz
Glinda tells Dorothy that she can return home by tapping her heels together _______ times and repeating, "There's no place like home"
10 of 10Pick your answer!
wizard of oz
The Wizard gives the Tin Man a ________
ticking heart-shaped watch
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