Are You An Optimist or a Pessimist?

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"I was recently reminded that my blood type is BE POSITIVE."

Take this personality quiz based on optimism and pessimism to see if you are really an optimist or pessimist.

 Dec 17, 2015
1 of 5Traffic light turns yellow, what do you do?
truck, car
Slow down
Slam Brakes
Speed up
2 of 5The line at your favorite coffee shop is super long, you:
celebs, movies/tv, NSFW, clueless, ugh, frustrated, gross, as if, yellow, blazer, plaid, high school, school, college
Huff and puff as you make your way to the register
Storm out, never return
Wait, scroll your insta feed
3 of 5It looks like it might rain on your wedding day... you:
the vow, wedding, vow, movies/tv, relationships
Immediately change location to indoors
Keep everything as planned
Begin to sob, call off wedding.
4 of 5You see your name on your friends text message... you:
reactions, hocus pocus, shake it off, Taylor Swift, funny, haters, reaction
Call her out
Sneakily read the texts
5 of 5You're plane is taking off, what's the worst the could happen?
travel, party, bridesmaids, kristen, wiig, kristen wiig, airplane, movies/tv
My drink isn't strong enough
A baby will cry the whole way
The plane will explode, middair
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