Quiz: Which One Of The 4 Basic Analytical Skills Is Your Most Dominant?

Emma Stone

How fast can you give a reasonable response?

This is a quiz that will help you to determine which of your 4 basic analytical skills are the most dominant

 Feb 22, 2016
1 of 7Choose your answer:
When you have a problem with someone at work you __________
try to be invisible and avoid them
talk with them directly before going to their supervisor
go above them and talk to their supervisor
wait for them to get over it
2 of 7Choose your answer:
Your "debates" usually turn into _________
something positive
3 of 7Choose your answer:
For you, this quote ________
is what life should be modeled after
makes sense, you have to have fun
makes no sense, work takes priority over everything
make sense
4 of 7Choose your answer:
5 of 7Choose your answer:
Thirty minutes into a movie that you paid to see in theaters, a baby won't stop crying and you've realized you don't like the movie, you decide to _________
go ask for your money back
see if the baby falls asleep and the movie gets better
walk out
fall asleep (after all you paid 15 bucks)
6 of 7Choose your answer:
If you were to win the lottery you would ________
buy a plane, a baller house and a car
take the bundle
take the annuity plan
tell all of your friends and family
7 of 7Choose your answer:
This line is the worst I HATE "Call Me Maybe"
This line is about unrequited love
This line makes zero sense
This line is about a girl who falls in love and guy who doesn't call back
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