Quiz: Which Animal Do You Think Like?


Do you fight like a tiger or sting like a bee?

Animal personality quiz. This is a personality quiz that will determine which animal in the animal kingdom you think most like.

 Mar 29, 2016
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When you exercise your mind usually ________
bounces from one thing going on in your life to the next
narrows in on one thing that's been on my mind
wanders to things that are causing stress
just blanks out and focuses on the exercise routine you're doing
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When you're bored you _______
get outside
watch TV
call up a friend to hangout
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When someone behaves as if they are upset with you but do not outwardly say it you __________
ignore it-- you could just be paranoid
confront them
ask other people what's going on
avoid them
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When you find out that something is poorly affecting others but not having an immediate impact on your life, you _________________
rally your friends, you'll need as much help as you can to make a change
shrug it off, someone else will figure it out
make a mental note to figure out a solution later
try to figure out a solution because the world isn't just about you
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Your friend is getting made fun of you _______
encourage your friend to encourage herself
tell everyone to quit it
jump in and join in the laughs
lose it and yell at everyone!
6 of 7Pick your answer!
In school your teacher was always telling you _______
to pay attention
to stop talking
to share
what a great job you were doing
7 of 7Pick your answer!
The last negative thought you had was _______
Hmm... it's been awhile
while taking this quiz
yesterday. I think?
Right when I woke up this morning
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