Quiz: What % Selfish Are You?

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Your friends never said you were selfish... at least not to your face...

How selfish are you. Quiz to see how selfish you are. Test how selfish you are. Am I a selfish person?

 Apr 28, 2016

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You go to the bathroom and find this. You ________
leave it there until someone replaces it
go find another bathroom
go find a replacement roll

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cake, last piece, bite, dessert, yum, food & drinks
You enter an empty kitchen with this sitting in front of you. You __________
check to make sure no one is around to catch you eating it
wait to see if anyone else wants the last piece
eat it

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When living with roommates and you've been known to leave your stuff out as well as messes around the house.
No I definitely want to make sure I keep the area we share clean
I mean yeah but like it's a shared space.
Yes. And?

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pretty woman, gift giving, present, movies/tv
How do you feel about gift giving?
I love giving gifts to *everyone*
I give gifts based on whether or not I'll be receiving anything
I give gifts based on what I recieve

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How often do you ask about other people's day?
When I remember
I don't do that
Basically every time I see them

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houseplant, relationships, health
How good are you at keeping houseplants?
Everything I have to watch dies
Excellent. Houseplants are basically pets. Pets are people.
Ohhh yeah don't ask me to do that for you while you're out

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sex, nookie, pop culture, culture
Have you ever withheld sex from your partner?
Uh hello? Yes! This doesn't come for free #workbitch
I mean sometimes like when I want to make a point
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