Quiz: What % Persistent Are You?

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 Apr 29, 2017
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You're on the phone trying to get through your bank, but keep being passed off to another person and put on hold. After being handed off to a 7th person for the third time you ___________
head to the bank so you can throw a fit in person instead of on the phone
hang up. It's not worth it.
Immediately pull an attitude with the next person that answers
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You put in an application for a position but haven't heard back from the company. You ____________
start applications for other jobs immediately
find the email of a person in HR and message them in directly
shrug it off and figure you weren't what they wanted
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How do you feel about long lines?
Worth the wait if it's something I really want
Ugh I usually will give up after like 5 minutes
I don't wait in lines, I skip them
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The guy you're saying tells you that he's going to be busy the next couple of weeks, how do you react?
Ask why he is so busy
Tell him you'll be having out with another guy so he can get jealous
Tell him that's fine and do you're own thing
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How often do you find yourself in a situation where you have to "put your foot down"?
People know to give me what I want generally
I'm always having to put my foot down
Never really...
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Were you ever a girl scout?
Yeah for a little bit... I hated selling cookies
Nope! I was doing other after school activities
Yes! I got a Gold Award
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Your roommate is hogging the bathroom and you have to brush your teeth and get to work. You _______________
Knock on the door and walk in to do business
Wait for them to get out and scowl at them
wait until their finished. Privacy is important
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