Quiz: What Kind of Shot Are You?


I'll drink to that!

Quiz about what kind of shot you are. What does your drink say about you. Vodka shots. Tequila shots. Kamikaze shots.

 Apr 02, 2016

1 of 7Pick your answer!

Why do you need a shot?
Because I'm going out tonight
I'm thirsty!
It's Friday!
Bad day at work ugh

2 of 7Pick your answer!

Pick your poison chaser
Another shot!

3 of 7Pick your answer!

What do you think of yourself?
I'm pretty darn funny
Sometimes I can be a bit intense
When will I ever learn my lesson?
I'm actually pretty good looking

4 of 7Pick your answer!

Besides a shot, what goes good with partying?
Good music!
A spike of drama:)

5 of 7Pick your answer!

If someone sends drinks to your table it better ______
be something fruity
NOT be cheap alcohol
be something that'll make me sing
not come with a check

6 of 7Pick your answer!

Which scent appeals to you the most?
Old leather
Burning wood

7 of 7Pick your answer!

The best way to celebrate a promotion is _________
heading to the bar with friends!
buying something expensive like a new outfit!
going on vacation!
eating all the foods!
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