Quiz: We Can Tell How You React In A Crisis Based On These Questions


Are you fight? Or are you flight?

This is a quiz that will help you to determine how well you react in a crisis based on questions that concern personality

 Feb 29, 2016

1 of 7Choose your answer:

You're heading to your terminal at the airport when you hear that all flights have been canceled you ______
go to the concierge to see what is going to be done
go home, guess there's no trip for you
get upset and angrily demand to see a manager

2 of 7Choose your answer:

You're microwaving your lunch when your food catches fire. Your first step is to _________
open the microwave door
get your extinguisher
call 911

3 of 7Choose your answer:

You're driving through an intersection when the car in front of you gets hit and flips over, you ________
pull over, make sure you're okay and go help
jump out of the car to see how you can help
call 911

4 of 7Choose your answer:

A prisoner has broken out durring the same weekend you and your friends are camping in the woods. When stranger approaches you as you all get ready for bed, you _________
call 911
grab a knife and ask if they're the same prisoner that broke out
pretend like you don't see them

5 of 7Choose your answer:

You're on vacation when you realize you no longer have your passport, the first thing you do is _______
hope that you'll get through customs with your driver's license
Go to the nearest embassy and show them a photocopy of your passport
go into hiding, now you're an illegal immigrant

6 of 7Choose your answer:

You're driving when a warning on the radio tells you there is a tornado in your area, you _______
get out of your
drive into a ditch
call 911 for rescue

7 of 7Choose your answer:

The governor of your state issues an evacuation warning after a zombie outbreak. You decide to ___________
walk out side and just let one bite you, you'd rather go quickly
head to the airport and book a flight to a different country
grab all of your weapons and try to find a zombie
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