Quiz: The Hardest Hunger Games Quiz Ever

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

Strap on your crossbow, it's time for the ultimate Hunger Games challenge. How well do you actually know the Hunger Games?

 May 30, 2016
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Katniss is a tribute from what district?
District 12
District 11
District 9
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What district is Finnick Odair from?
District 14
District 4
District 14
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District 6's main industry is what?
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Where does Katniss live during her childhood?
The Black
The Seam
The Fork
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Who gives Katniss the pin?
Katniss's mom in the book, Peta in the movie
Katniss's mom in the book, Prim in the movie
Madge in the book Greasy Sae in the movie
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Which Quarter Quell did Haymitch win?
7 of 20Pick your answer!
Who won the 65th Hunger Games?
Finnick Odair
Annie Cresta
8 of 20Pick your answer!
Who wins the 74th Hunger Games?
Katniss and Peta
9 of 20Pick your answer!
Who was Peta's stylist?
10 of 20Pick your answer!
Who was from the lumber district?
11 of 20Pick your answer!
Who does Thresh kill?
12 of 20Pick your answer!
The Capitol is located in which mountain range?
Blue Ridge Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
The Rocky Mountains
13 of 20Pick your answer!
What is Gale's mother's name?
14 of 20Pick your answer!
What skill helped Annie Cresta win the games?
Knife throwing
15 of 20Pick your answer!
What happened at hour 12 during the 75th hunger games?
Blood rain
Lightning storm
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What color was Ceasar Flickermans' hair in the 73rd Hunger Games?
Moonlight blue
Crimson Red
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How does Gale get the loaf of bread he first gives to Katniss in the woods?
He trades it for squirrel with Peeta's dad
He trades it for a rabbit with Madge
He steals it from a peacekeeper
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Who gives Gale morphling to treat his back after he is whipped?
Katniss's mother
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How many years before the 74th Hunger Games did Katniss and Gale meet?
9 years before
13 years before
4 years before
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How many siblings does Rue have?
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