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 Jan 23, 2018
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Question: 1/21Pick your answer!

Where does Edward meet Vivian?
Rodeo Drive
Hollywood Boulevard
Venice Boulevard

Question: 2/21Pick your answer!

Whose car does Edward let Vivian drive when he meets her?
James Morse, the owner of an underperforming company
His own
Phillip, Edward's greedy lawyer

Question: 3/21Pick your answer!

Edward stays at The _________.
Beverly Hilton
Chateau Marmot

Question: 4/21Pick your answer!

What were Edward and Vivian watching on TV the first night they met?
I Love Lucy
My Three Sons

Question: 5/21Pick your answer!

What does Vivian tell Edward she never does because it's too personal?
Kiss on the lips
Fall asleep in the same bed

Question: 6/21Pick your answer!

Edward takes Vivian to see __________.
his daughters play
a museum exhibit
an opera

Question: 7/21Pick your answer!

How much does Vivien get paid for staying with Edward for a week?

Question: 8/21Pick your answer!

Which song is Vivian singing in the bathtub?
"(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by Human League
"Like A Virgin" by Madonna
"Kiss" by Prince

Question: 9/21Pick your answer!

What does Vivian wear at the polo match?
A brown polka dot dress
A salmon colored suit
A red dress

Question: 10/21Pick your answer!

"We are going to be spending __________ amount of money in here."
an obscene
a boatload
a tidbit

Question: 11/21Pick your answer!

When Vivian goes looking for Edward she finds him playing ______.
a guitar
a harp
a piano

Question: 12/21Pick your answer!

Vivian says "Big mistake. Big! Huge!" to _________
a sales assistant who won't help her
another prostitute who takes her client
a restaurant owner who kicks her out

Question: 13/21Pick your answer!

At the meeting with Morse and his son, Edward tells them that he plans to break apart the ____.
shipyard Morse had spent 40 years building
relationship they have with each other
car they spent years making and sell it for parts

Question: 14/21Pick your answer!

Barney, the manager of the hotel, helps Vivian with all of these EXCEPT:
Getting her hair cut
Learning table manners
Finding a dress

Question: 15/21Pick your answer!

"Oh, it was so good, I ___________!"
had an aneurysm
got up and started singing too
almost peed my pants

Question: 16/21Pick your answer!

What does Vivian convince Edward to do at the park?
Walk around barefoot
Dance without music playing
Jump into a river

Question: 17/21Pick your answer!

What does Vivian tell Edward after he offers to get her an apartment?
A childhood fantasy about being rescued by a knight
How her old boyfriend offered to the same thing for her
That she wants to move in with him

Question: 18/21Pick your answer!

Vivian's roommate is named _______

Question: 19/21Pick your answer!

What does Edward decide to do with Morse?
Give all the money to prostitutes in Hollywood
Donate the company to a charity of Vivian's choice
Build ships together

Question: 20/21Pick your answer!

Despite his _________, Edward climbs a fire escape to kiss Vivian
chauffeur offering to do it
fear of his heights
love for elevators

Question: 21/21Pick your answer!

The homeless man asks people on the street _________
"Can anyone spare some change?"
"What's your dream?"
"Where's Eartha Kitt's star?"
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