Quiz: Only A True Southern Belle Can Get 100% On This Quiz

Mind your words and manners

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 May 27, 2016
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Question: 1/11Pick your answer!

What's your ultimate dream car?
This car!
This car!
This car!
This car!

Question: 2/11Pick your answer!

Have you seen "Gone with The Wind"?
Why, of course!
I've seen parts, is that good enough?
No M'am

Question: 3/11Pick your answer!

You're having company over tonight. What's the number one thing you have to serve as a good host?
Sweet tea and my momma's sweet potato pie
Coffee and Donuts
I'm smart - I don't have to serve anything since it's a potluck!

Question: 4/11Pick your answer!

Do you have anything that's monogrammed?
Oh come on now, that's tacky
Towels, bags, jewelry, a day planner... why?
My goodness... Of course!

Question: 5/11Pick your answer!

You were out all night on Saturday drinking moonshine and Mint Julep, where do you go for hangover food?
Mickey D's
Chick Fil-A

Question: 6/11Pick your answer!

What are grits made from?
Corn maize

Question: 7/11Pick your answer!

"The bigger the hair, ____________"
the softer the fall
the harder the fall
the closer to God

Question: 8/11Pick your answer!

What are "light'nin bugs"?
Bugs that come out when it rains

Question: 9/11Pick your answer!

What's “finna”?
It's a type of potato dish
It means fxin' too
It means finished

Question: 10/11Pick your answer!

How do you feel about butter?
Ditch the butter just go for water
Do you have an extra stick?
It's best replaced with olive oil

Question: 11/11Pick your answer!

When your mom says you're "acting ugly" she means ___________
you're lying
you're being rude
your looks are disappointing her
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