Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Chicken Run"?

Chicken run, movies/tv

It's poultry in motion.

Test and see how well you know this claymation classic about a bunch of chickens ready to start living life and stop being chicken.

 Jul 30, 2016
1 of 10Mrs. and Mr. Tweedy run a ______________ in Yorkshire that is failing
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
chicken farm
chicken theme park
wine vineyard
2 of 10What happens to the chickens that don't lay eggs?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
They get to go live at a chicken resort
They get chicken shock therapy
They get slaughtered for food
3 of 10Why does Mrs. Tweedy decide to make chicken pie machines?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
She wants to eat chicken pies
She has too many eggs
She's sick of the minuscule profits
4 of 10Ginger is always being put into solitary confinement for _______________
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
hiding her eggs
trying to escape
picking on other chickens
5 of 10What happens to Rocky?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
He escapes from the chicken coop and heads to NYC
He gets sent to the chop
He crashes into the coops and sprains his wing
6 of 10What does Ginger ask Rocky to do for her?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
Lay eggs for her because she's unable to
Teach her and the other chickens how to fly
Marry her
7 of 10How does Ginger realize that Rocky can't fly?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
Mrs. Tweedy tells her
She pushes him off of a roof and he just falls
He leaves behind a poster that shows him being shot out of a canon
8 of 10Who inspires Ginger to get the Tweedy's to fly out of the chicken coop?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
Babs who sings about flying eagles
Herself, when she has a dream of piloting a plane
Fowler, a rooster who was a Royal Air Force mascot
9 of 10What happened when Babs saw her life flash before her eyes?
DreamWorks Pictures, movies/tv
She realized she'd be happier in chicken heaven
She saw her self escaping from the fiery pits of a coop
She saw it was really boring
10 of 10What happens to the chickens in the end?
Chicken run, movies/tv
DreamWorks Pictures
They all get made into chicken pot pies by Mrs. Tweedy's machine
They make a treaty with Mrs. Tweety and work on her farm
They escape to a quite island
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