Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Bill of Rights?


Do you really know your Second Amendment rights?

Bill of Rights quiz. This is a quiz about politics that will help you to determine how well you know the bill of rights

 Mar 29, 2016
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What document is the Bill of Rights a part of?
The Constitution
The Declaration of Independence
The Pledge of Allegiance
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Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
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Which amendment guarantees citizens freedom of religion and freedom of speech?
The tenth
The first
The fifth
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The fifth amendment protects which right?
Freedom of speech
Right to legal representation
The right to not incriminate oneself
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The Bill of Rights are __________
the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution
documents that declare the Constitution as null and void
documents drafted by the Native Americans in a treaty
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What documents did some of the writers used to base the Bill of Rights off of?
The Gettysburg Address
The Constitution, the Magna Carta and the Articles of the Confederation
The Virginia Declaration of Rights and the Magna Carta, the
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How many amendments are included in the Bill of Rights?
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