Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Rocky"?

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"It's the eye of the tiger! It's the thrill of the fight! Rising UP to the challenge of our riiiivaaaaal!"

This is a movie quiz about Rocky directed by John G. Avildsen starring Sylvester Stallone. Rocky quiz. Rocky movie quiz. Sylvester Stallone movies.

 Mar 23, 2016
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Why does Micky kick Rocky out of his locker?
He thinks Rocky has been stealing from him
He found drugs in his locker
He thinks Rocky is washed up
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When do Rocky and Adrian have their first date?
New Year's
Valentine's Day
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Rocky and Apollo fight on _________
New Year's Day
July 4th
Christmas Eve
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In what round did Rocky knock down Apollo?
First round
Second round
Fourth round
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Adrian worked at a __________
flower shop
pet store
shopping center
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Why did Apollo want to fight Rocky?
Because he knew he'd be easy to beat
Because he was Italian
Because they'd fought before and he wanted to redeem himself
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"Yeah, to you it's Thanksgiving; to me it's _______"
Native American Refugee Day
my birthday
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