Quiz: How Well Do You Know Orlando Slang?

Orlando, florida, Disney

Let's head on down to OBT!

Test how well you know Orlando, Florida slang. How many of these Orlando, Florida terms do you know? Take our quiz

 Aug 24, 2016
1 of 10First thing's first, what's O Town?
Orlando, florida, Disney
It's what people from Orlando call swimming pools
It's Orlando's nickname, silly!
It's how we go
2 of 10What's Kiss IMM Me?
Orlando, florida, Disney
An old Orlando hamburger style
What you say to your mom when she's going to bed
The proper pronunciation of Kissimee
3 of 10If you're parked in Goofy you're _________
Orlando, florida, Disney
living in Winter Park
going a bit crazy
parked very far away from your destination
4 of 10If someone mentions "The Tragic" they are __________
Orlando, florida, Disney
being disrespectful to the best team ever: the Orlando Magic
talking about Hurricane Charlie
referring to the debunking of Disney characters
5 of 10Your friends want to go to The Birthday Cake and ride on swans ________
Orlando, florida, Disney
they want to go back home and sleep
they want to go out to the clubs for their birthday
they want to go to Lake Eola
6 of 10What is "Lovebug Season"?
Orlando, florida, Disney
When hurricanes have subsided
The week of Valentine's Day
The season where love bugs are the most prominent
7 of 10What are "Q-Tips"?
Orlando, florida, Disney
A specific grocery store that specialize in cotton tips for ears
Typha or Cattail plants
Old folks
8 of 10If you "hunker down" on something you ____________
Orlando, florida, Disney
are trying to get your stuff together
criticize it
are about to get slammed by a hurricane
9 of 10If you're off to "The Trail" you ___________
Orlando, florida, Disney
should be prepared to god roller coaster rides
ought to be careful, because Orange Blossom Trail is sketch
are wanting to buy organic vegetables
10 of 10If your friend says they're "getting bit," he's talking about ______
Orlando, florida, Disney
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