Quiz: How Well Do You Know Mesa (AZ) Slang?

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Holla at those chimis!

Come on and take this quiz made just for Mesa AZ residents! How well do you know the slang from Mesa?

 Aug 12, 2016
1 of 10Pick your answer!
If you go to get food from a restaurant but bring it home, you get _________
"carry out"
2 of 10Pick your answer!
If your skin is "chizhii," it's ________
old and ready to get bottomed
ready to get to bed
3 of 10Pick your answer!
What are "piñon"?
People from out of town
Pine nuts
Native Americans
4 of 10Pick your answer!
If you want to go to the Colorado Plateu and see pine forests, you'll go to ________
Flea City
somewhere over the rainbow
The Rim
5 of 10Pick your answer!
When a "snowbird" comes to Mesa, AZ they __________
want to go skiing
have been told by a doctor to get sunlight
are leaving a frigid winter
6 of 10Pick your answer!
How do you pronounce "Prescott"?
Press- kot
7 of 10Pick your answer!
If you see a "haboob" coming your way, you should ___________
get ready for a really big dust storm
breakout your fishing rod and get ready to catch salmon
hide from the bear coming your way
8 of 10Pick your answer!
Another word for "Tourist" in Mesa, AZ is "______________"
cold carrier
leather interior
goodbye girl
9 of 10Pick your answer!
What is "Bear down"?
Take a right turn here
Pass the chimis
A motto for the University of Arizona
10 of 10Pick your answer!
If you want a chimichanga, you might just ask for a _________
bean bag
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