Quiz: How Well Do You Know "GOT" Slang?

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Are you the mother of languages?

TV show quiz about slang from the show Game of Thrones. How well do you remember Game of Thrones. Are you a true GOT fan?

 Jul 21, 2016
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What is a "khaleesi"?
Someone who just rides dragons
It's a word for the true queen of the Seven Kingdoms
It's a Dothraki word referring to the wife of a kha
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What is a "maester"?
A research scientist and king
Someone who is part of an order of scholars and healers
A magician
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If someone gives you "milk of the poppy," they are _________
giving you a pain killer
throwing shade at you
asking for your hand in marriage
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If Jaime needs fire he might call on a ___________
fire dragon
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If you're in Craster's Keep and have to send a message to Winterfell, you might send ________
an owl
a raven
a birdie
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The worst event you've ever been to where all of your friends were killed was _________
The Hollow
the Red Wedding
The Bloody Sunday
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If you live in the Seven Kingdoms what god would you probably worship ___________
The Cornish
the God of Seven
The One Faced God
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If you need to go to the place that defends the Seven Kingdoms against willings, you ___________
head to Maginot Line
The Valley
would go to the Wall
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If you can entire the minds of animals and control them you're a ___________
10 of 10Pick your answer!
When you get dressed the first thing you put on is your ___________
small clothes
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