Quiz: Do You Know The Meaning Of All These Words From Game of Thrones?

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Are you the mother of languages?

TV show quiz about slang from the show Game of Thrones. How well do you remember Game of Thrones. Are you a true GOT fan?

 Jul 21, 2016

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An ancient group of people who no longer exist
People who live beyond the Wall
Soldiers in the Night King's army

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Night's Watch
An army in King's Landing
An army of men who guard the Wall
People who keep watch at night during war

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White walkers
Children without parents

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Land of the Free Folk
A town in King's Landing
A port and trading city

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A skilled swordsman
A mercenary
An undefeated knight

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A traitor
A maester who retires
A knight in the King's Guard who is married

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People who don't belong to Great Houses
An army of men made up of eunuch slaves
People who commit their entire lives to the King

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Valar Morghulis
All men must die
The North remembers
I am no one

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The Seven
Knights in the King's Guard
Women who tend to the Queen
The New Gods

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Bend the knee
To join the Night's Watch
To formally submit to a king, queen, or lord
To join the King's Guard

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Someone who just rides dragons
It's a word for the true queen of the Seven Kingdoms
It's a Dothraki word referring to the wife of a kha

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Someone who is part of an order of scholars and healers
A research scientist and king
A magician

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Milk of the poppy
Pain killer
Exotic drink

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Someone who stocks wildfire & in charge or fire related matters
Someone who is a matchmaker
A wolf that breathes fire

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A child who doesn't have a father
Someone who delivers messages
Wildlings term for a man of the Night's Watch

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Horselords of the East
Dragons from the Iron Islands
Someone who is a traitor and exiled from society

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Faceless Men
A group of outlaws from the North
A religious group in Braavos
Someone who doesn't have a last name

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A disease that makes someone slowly turn to stone
A disease that dragons can get
A type of dragon glass

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Long Night
When the Night King made it over the Wall
A winter that spanned a generation
When the Night's Watch built the Wall

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A rare breed of direwolf
Someone who gives up their titles and worldly possessions
Someone who has the ability to enter the minds of animals
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