Quiz: How Well Do You Know Gamer Slang?

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Are you a n00b?

Let's test and see how many gamer words you know. How much of a gamer are you? Take this slang quiz and see!

 Jul 20, 2016
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What's an eager egg?
Power you get for a character in the game
Hidden features like new characters and secret levels
A term for a win
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If you're a n00b at Mario Kart you __________
created the game
are a new player
are the number one player internationally
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If a game is a triple-A it _____________
has a big budget, a lot of backing, and has universal praise from fans
has aptitude, appetite and agility
runs on a battery
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If you're playing Skyrim and Lydia gets trapped in a wall, you've _______
lost the game
come across a glitch
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If your friend Todd has been grinding, he's been ____________
mastering various levels
playing all night long
getting into random fights with monsters
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What does NPC stand for?
New Playing Character
Non Permitted Cite
Non-Player Character.
7 of 10Pick your answer!
If someone says "FTW!" in a chat room they mean __________
Fight Till War!
Finish the Warrior!
For The Win!
8 of 10Pick your answer!
If you "pwned," you ________
you lost
got eaten by a monster
9 of 10Pick your answer!
If your ping is too hight you might experience ____________
ping back
op failure
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If someone keeps their finger pressed down on the trigger button all of the time, they ____________
are a spammer
are a cleaner
are a gamer
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