Quiz: How Many Surfer Words Do You Actually Know?

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Take a break from the waves and hang ten with this quiz!

Quiz about surf culture and the language. Test your surfer knowledge. How well do you know your surfer slang?

 Jun 04, 2016
1 of 10Pick your answer!
If you have "noodle arms", you're ___________
catching the best waves
ready for food
2 of 10Pick your answer!
What's a "Noah"?
A biblical fish
A type of sandwich
3 of 10Pick your answer!
What's a "nose"?
A dog leash for your surfboard
The point of a surfboard
Someone who doesn't know how to surf
4 of 10Pick your answer!
If the winds are "offshore" you'll probably catch _________
the best waves
a cold
no waves at all
5 of 10Pick your answer!
What's a "pattlepuss"?
Someone who cries when they have to go to the beach
A shark hunter
Someone who stays and plays close to the beach
6 of 10Pick your answer!
What's a "party wave"?
A bus that takes you to the beach
A wave that's full of sharks
A wave surfed by a group of people at once
7 of 10Pick your answer!
If you're in the "pocket" you're in _________
An actual pocket in the wave that you can stay in
the easiest part of the wave
the most powerful part of a wave
8 of 10Pick your answer!
If you have a "quiver" you __________
are cold from the water
are ready to go surfing and drinking
have a collection of different surfboards
9 of 10Pick your answer!
If something is "rad" it's __________
10 of 10Pick your answer!
What's a "shaka"?
The foot strap on your surf board
A hand signal used by surfers, with an extended thumb and little finger
A way to paddle out for a wave
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