Quiz: How Many Photographer Words Do You Actually Know?

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This won't make you shutter!

Test and see how many words in the photography culture you know. Do you know all about the words that a photographer should know?

 Jul 19, 2016
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What is DSLR?
A camera that uses film
A digital single-lens reflex camera
A camera tent pole
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What's aspect radio?
The shape, or format, of the image produced by a camera
A type of camera that uses zero lighting
The amount of light in a camera shutter
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If a picture is "blown out" it __________
has been photoshopped too much
has been overexposed
needs more lighting
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What does a "card reeder" do?
It allows you to transfer data from a camera to the computer
It allows you to see text in an image
It adjusts the lenses to the light
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What does an F-Stop deal with?
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If your camera has a shutter lag, it __________
has a time delay
has a light that keeps blinking
has a light that broke
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What is a pixel?
A small dot that makes up a picture
A type of camera brand
A picture element
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If you adjust your camera's shutter speed, you _______
turn off your camera
change the length of time the shutter remains open
have a camera that needs to be repaired
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What is a camera viewfinder?
The part of the camera that turns off the battery
The part of the camera that adjusts shutter speed
The part of the camera you use to focus on a subject
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If you want to correct color or tint you ____________
use chalk
spot meter
white balance your camera
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