Quiz: How Many Nascar Words Do You Know?

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Could you be the next Danica Patrick?

Test how well you know NASCAR slang with this tricky quiz about race car driving. How many words do you know?

 Jul 19, 2016
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What's a racetrack?
The meter that determines speed
A count of how many races a driver is in
Where the race cars drive
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After a driver wins a race where do they go?
The sway bar
The victory lane
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What is the air that is messed up and created by the lead car?
The grit
Dirty air
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If a car "drags," it ________
is ripping around in a circle
is hitting another car
is passing through air at high speeds
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When a driver says they are having problems driving into the corner they mean __________
they can't crash the car
The breaks aren't working
the car is not performing how they want it to
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What is a groove?
A tire track
The quickest way around the track
The center of the race track
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What is also known as "oversteer"
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If someone short pits, they __________
pit before they run out of fuel
have crashed and burned into wall
take a stop to change tires
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What is a panhard bar also called?
The trip
Track bar
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What's a hauler?
The last car in a rase
An tractor-trailer used to transport race cars and equipment to the track
A car that sits on another car and rides it
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